Have you recently been refused a visiting visa, study permit, work visa or even permanent residency? Visa refusal are more common than you probably expect but managing these refusals can be very complex and require the expertise of experienced immigration consultant to reverse a refusal. No matter the complexity of your situation, we are equipped to represent you. Contact us today.


"It was a pleasure working with Florence and her team regarding my brother's study permit application. She genuinely cares about her clients, is detail oriented and ensures all conditions for your application are met or explained. Her professionalism is unmatched and a breath of fresh air. I 100% recommend her services. It is worth every penny."


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If you have family (grand parents, parents, siblings, nephews, niece, adopted child, grandchildren, dependant children, spouse or common law or conjugal partner) who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, they may be able to sponsor you to become a permanent resident if you qualify and they qualify for sponsorship.

Getting your family to Canada can be very easy and straight forward if Sponsors understand all requirements and provide required supporting documents. If you need assistance to bring your loved ones to Canada, book a consultation with us to kick start this process.






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Federal Skilled worker: This program is for skilled professionals with a minimum of one year experience within the last 10 years in the National Occupation Code (NOC) 0, A, B category along with education and English language or French abilities.

Federal Skill Trades Worker: Immigrants with skills in eligible trade groups, training and English or French language abilities can apply through this program.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This category is for some temporary foreign workers (TFW) and international students with post graduate work permits. Applicants in this category are required to have a minimum of one year work experience in NOC 0, A or B.

Do you think you qualify for any of the above programs? Book a consultation to begin your application process