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LMIA Info Session

Your Guide to LMIA applications & Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers

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Description du service

Register for our Free LMIA Info Session, a dedicated session designed to empower employers with the knowledge and insights needed to harness the full potential of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process. If you're a business owner or hiring manager seeking to bring skilled foreign workers to your team, this event is your essential guide to success. Our consultants will lead you through an in-depth exploration of the LMIA procedure, shedding light on its significance, benefits, and practical implementation in your hiring strategies. What to expect: Deconstructing LMIA: A comprehensive understanding of its purpose and impact Mastering the LMIA application process: An overview of the application requirements Navigating the responsibilities and obligations of employers Proven tactics to streamline your LMIA application and achieve favorable outcomes Exclusive Q&A session to address your specific employer-related inquiries Join us for this invaluable opportunity to learn and gain the knowledge you need to enhance your workforce through LMIA. Don't miss this focused, power-packed hour of enlightenment and networking.



Regina, SK, Canada

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