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Spouse Visa & Work Permit Consultation

Together in Canada: Bring Your Spouse to Join or Visit You

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  • 200 U.S. dollars
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Description du service

Our Spousal Work Permit or Visiting Visa consultation is specifically designed for spouses of international students or workers who are contemplating whether to apply for a work permit or a visiting visa to join their spouse in Canada. If you are uncertain about which option is most suitable for your situation, this session provides expert guidance to help you make an informed decision. During the consultation, our knowledgeable consultants will assess your individual circumstances and discuss the benefits and requirements of both the spousal work permit and visiting visa options. We will address your questions, concerns, and specific needs, enabling you to evaluate the best pathway to reunite with your spouse in Canada. Please note that this consultation does not guarantee the approval of a work permit or visiting visa. The final decision rests with the Canadian immigration authorities, and success depends on meeting the eligibility criteria and complying with prevailing immigration laws. Take a step towards reuniting with your spouse in Canada. Book a consultation today to gain clarity and expert advice on whether a spousal work permit or visiting visa is the right choice for you.



Regina, SK, Canada

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